I'm in the planning phases of a project to tour the U.S. starting with a fledgling fund raising effort: https://www.gofundme.com/traveling-photography-project The idea is to bounce around the country [it will actually be more of a zig-zag] and connect with some of the guys that have already expressed an interest in working together.

The concept end product is to be a photo-documentary of men in the United States that take their clothes off for the camera. I of course also want to shoot some of the places around that I've never been and possibly expand local project "Extroverted Interiors" nationwide. I'm also toying with the idea of going global.

I'm going to have to edit and refine my concept for the public so that it not only makes sense, but makes people want to help me. Hopefully I can get this thing off the ground soon.

Hopefully, I can count on some of you as "Model Citizens" - Good Title, but I was thinking to call it "Show-Offs: The [American] Male Nude Model", or words to that effect.

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